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OK so there are some things a girl’s got to keep close to her chest. First and foremost her favourite brassiere. Recent research shows that 80% of we British girls have a faithful old friend of a bra we’ve owned for anywhere between 1 and 3 years. The research also suggests it may be as much as 2 cup sizes too small.

The survey was carried out by Ann Summers who talked their way into the knicker draws of 2,000 women the length and breadth of the country. The responses make interesting reading and there are some quite remarkable regional variations. Although the fact is that over 50% of girls hoard over 20 bras at one time! Lingerie specialists recommend you should replace your bras every 6 months (well they would wouldn’t they) but the stats say that less than 10% of women follow their advice. At the same time around 10% hold on to their bras for over 4 years.

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Built for comfort

Less than half the ladies questioned ‘fessed up to having a bra properly fitted within the last 6 months. Amongst us younger girls the proportion is even higher. As the survey pointed out most of us are happy to post all sorts of ‘selfies’ on FB but seem to be too embarrassed to get our kit off in front of a trained expert to get proper advice.

Style choice varies around the country too. Over 80% of respondents claimed that a good bra that housed and supported what the French call their ‘embonpoint’ made them feel more confident and womanly. However those in the South East prefer under wired fashions whilst girls in the Midlands and North West plump for a plunge style that will enhance their cleavage. As the old saying goes, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

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Keep your boobs close to your heart

Look after you boobs girls and your boobs will help look after you. Never forget they may often be as close to your boyfriend’s heart as they are to yours! Let’s be honest, boys love boobs – if they had their own they‘d be playing with them all day and wouldn’t need to play with ours. Although then they’d need an extra pair of hand to hold onto their nuts at the same time.

Anyway the good news for blokes is that the average bra size in Britain today is 34DD – and that’s 3 sizes bigger than 30 years ago. With Valentine’s Day coming up you could always get the man in your life to take you down to Ann Summers and buy you a properly fitted bra. It could be a treat for both of you.

Getting it off our chests

A gobsmacking 60% of us are apparently squeezing our assets into a bra that’s simply too small. In Wales and Northern Ireland girls are 4 times more likely to wear a poorly fitting bra. Bonny Scots lasses have the biggest boobs – 35% wear a G cup – and they are also the most likely to wear a bra that is 2-3 cup sizes out.

Amazingly there is actually a physical difference dividing regions. Women in the West Midlands have the widest backs and 1 in 4 wear a 40+. In comparison ladies in the South East average a 30. Those in the East Midlands are most likely to tuck into an A cup. It’s the dressy types from the North West and West midlands who are most likely to have the right fit.

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Fit to bust?

A well-fitting bra is good for your health – or rather a badly fitting one can damage you. Almost 10% of women claim to have suffered illness or ailment from a badly fitting bra. That’s an amazing figure – in round number 3 million ladies are out there in some sort of pain or discomfort.

The most common complaints are back-ache and sore shoulders. Chiropractors and Osteopaths see this all the time saying that 70% of women who complained of back pain were wearing the wrong size bra. Some lingerie experts look at bra’s as a sophisticated piece of engineering working as a suspension bridge so that the shoulders don’t carry all the weight.

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