Does Grooming Makes your Hair Stand on End?

Does grooming make your hair stand on end?

You always hear girls chatting about the latest unnecessary bit of make up or a shampoo that’s maybe changed their lives.  With guys though, the conversation rarely turns to grooming.  It used to be that this was a girls’ only domain, but now the male grooming market is growing quicker than ever.

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Body hair is one of those things that distinguishes men from women, (well usually!).  Some guys have loads of hair on their body and hardly any on their face while others have a great beard and a bald body. 

It’s all about personal preference really.  There are some blokes who have no problem with their body hair and would never think about doing anything to get rid of it.  Others are really self conscious and choose to get rid of it all.  A lot of it just depends on your genetics and ethnic background. 


It’s easy enough to keep on top of your own hair removal without having to fork out loads at a salon.  If you’re really committed you’ll have to make a bit of time for it, all this grooming lark can be an effort, (which is exactly why girls take so long getting ready, doh).  There are some places that are going to be easier for you to reach.  Trying to do your own back probably won’t be that successful no matter how many mirrors you get involved.  You might have to rope in an extra pair of hands to help.


Some people don’t see the point in ‘manscaping’ but have you ever thought that the fuzz could be making your fave appendage look smaller.  There are a few techniques you could try, but in this case it may be better to stay away from home waxing.  If you can brave going to a pro there will be much less chance of you ending up crying on the floor. Most waxing salons are used to catering for men so there’s no need to be shy.

The easiest way to keep on top of this is by trimming.  You can either use scissors or an electric trimmer. Maintenance is easy but if you opt for scissors you may well end up with an uneven finish and probably the opposite effect you were going for.


Now, we’ve covered everything there is to know about removing body hair.  What about you face?  Facial hair is something that you’re probably a pro at dealing with now, but how about those eyebrows? If you’re lucky enough to have a mono-brow don’t be tempted to give it a quick shave while you’re doing you beard.  It will make it grow back all stubbly and you don’t want to risk taking off a whole eyebrow.  Get some tweezers or small wax strips on that bad boy right away, it’ll sting a little but you (and the world) will be saying hello to a whole new face.

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The hassle of removing body hair used to just be reserved for the fairer sex.  Now more and more men are manning up and taking control of their fuzz.  As the summer approaches you may be conscious about what people by the pool are going to be thinking about your hairy back.

Some people are perfectly fine with their body hair while others turn to hair removal as they (or their partners) find it unattractive.  As guys are thinking more about their appearance in general, hair removal is becoming far more popular.  Adverts of ripped men with great bodies and not a hair in sight may have something to do with this.  Some people believe that losing the hair makes muscles look more defined, particularly on the chest and abs.


Choosing you hair removal method can be a real minefield so let’s take a look at the top 3.  Waxing is going to give you the best result and it will last for longer than shaving because it removes the hair straight from the root.  It might hurt (and then some, but hey –boys are tough) but the pain is over quickly and you’ll be able to enjoy soft skin for weeks. 

Shaving is the easiest and probably the most obvious way to remove body hair.  You know how to do it so it’s quick and painless. The only problem is that hair will grow back quickly and you’ll have to commit to shaving regularly if you don’t want to deal with that prickly stage.

Hair Removal Cream is painless so could be just what you’re looking for.  It works by using a chemical which breaks down or ‘dissolves’ the hairs.  Because it uses chemicals however it  can be really harsh for sensitive skin.  Definitely test it on a small part of skin to see if your skin reacts well to it.  Otherwise you could end up being hairless, but with another problem to deal with.

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The familiar lure of your razor is an easy option.  Watch out for skin irritations though, as the area is usually covered in tight clothing ingrown hairs can be an issue.  Start shaving with the grain (going against it tugs on the hairs and is harsher on the skin) lather up again and then go against the grain in short, light strokes.

Using a hair removal cream by your most prized possession can work really well, but definitely watch out for any allergic reactions.  If it starts to really burn don’t try and stick out the time, take it off.

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It may be strange to think about going through all this effort to rid yourself of something that is quite natural.  If you’re thinking about ditching the hair and saying hello to smooth skin there’s loads of options out there for you.  If you’re naturally really hairy it might be easier to just embrace your inner beast with minimal grooming.  It might save you a load of time and pain.